A Comparison Study of High-Water Base as Hydraulic Fluid for Hydraulic Support

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Md Mojahidul Islam, Chen Fei, Leeroy Tinashe Mhere, Sobuj Hasan


The water quality of each mine in the mining region was studied in light of the usage and existing difficulties of high water cut hydraulic fluid for hydraulic support in mining areas. We looked at how mine water quality affects hydraulic fluids, including the effects of hardness, contaminants, sulfate ions, chloride ions, pH value, conductivity, and more. We then compared different raw liquids and different hydraulic fluids to see what effect each had. Hydraulic fluid utilization and maintenance issues have been discussed in detail. Hydraulic fluid should be chosen and proportioned in accordance with the water quality in the mine. There should be a focus on hydraulic fluid monitoring in real time. Hydraulic fluid quality, concentration, pH, and microbiological condition should be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. In order to avoid equipment corrosion and maintain the hydraulic system's functioning stability, it is critical that maintenance and issue management be done on time and according to the condition. It may serve as a guide for the selection, proportioning, and ongoing maintenance of the mine hydraulic support's high water-cut hydraulic fluid, ensuring the working face's safety and efficiency.


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