Taxonomic Analysis of DevOps Tools

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Mrs. Geetika Singh, Dr. Jitendra Chaudhary, Dr. Lokesh Laddhani


The shift from automated testing to the level of business-driven continuous testing described above is a significant step forward in the development of software. However, from the perspective of DevOps, it offers significant benefits. Along the use of objective real-time evaluation of whether software meets business requirements at numerous "quality gates," organisations may automatically and reliably progress release candidates through the delivery pipeline. In this research paper, the details of several open-source testing tools, as well as the testing types that they provide, are given in a tabular format. It is true that some testing tools are more effective than others depending on the circumstances. To properly comprehend the DevOps revolution, many crucial components are necessary. The revolution is often sparked by a compelling event inside a firm, such as a transition to Agile development. Delivering software as a service (DevOps) and continuously testing are two additional processes that may be accelerated by using an Agile development methodology. This paper contains a taxonomic analysis of DevOps tools.

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