Fake Product Detection Using Blockchain Technology

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T.Shreekumar, Puneet Mittal, Sukhwinder Sharma, Rajesh N Kamath , Sreeja Rajesh, B. Nruthya Ganapathy


The manufacturing and marketing of counterfeit or duplicate products and goodsleads to consequential financial, health and safety threat to end users. It also impacts on the economic growth of original manufacturers and businesses through revenue loss, product defamation, downtime, replacement expenses, forcing brands to spend money fighting counterfeits, trust among business partners can also be at risk, stealing sales etc. To overcome these crucial effects of counterfeiting, a blockchain based system is used in identification of original products and detects duplicate products to ensure the identification of original goods.In this work, with massive emerging trends in wireless technology, QR (Quick Response) codes and barcodes provides a robust technique to cut down the practice of counterfeiting the products. The fake products are detected using camera scanner, where QR or barcode of the product is linked to a block chain in order to store product details and guaranteed unique code of each product as blocks in the database. If the code matches, the notification will be sent to the customer indicating the authenticity of the product and else if it does not match, a notification will be sent to customer that product is fake or counterfeited as well as to manufacturer about the place of purchase if customer accepts the request made by the application. This approach ensures that consumers won’t completely rely on merchants to determine if products are original or forged.

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