Learning Elements for Digital Literacy among Elderly: A Scoping Review

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Najmi Najiha Mohd Zaid , Muhammad Fairuz Abd Rauf , Nahdatul Akma Ahmad, Azaliza Zainal , Fariza Hanis Abdul Razak , Tengku Shahrom Tengku Shahdan


Elderly learning is needed to be implemented in today’s world as the number of elders is increasing quickly, followed by the development of technology that is expanding non-stop. Encouraging the elders to participate in elderly learning or life-long learning programs is considered a necessity, as quite a number of older adults do not know how to manage their devices. This scoping review aims to conduct a preliminary assessment of available literature on learning elements for older adults mastering technology. This scoping review was based on the PRISMA review protocol. A total of 1085 studies were identified using Scopus and Web of Science databases. The selection of eligible studies was made based on a set of inclusion and exclusion criteria set. Results showed that only 15 eligible studies were reviewed to identify the learning elements and devices used to facilitate elderly learning that previous researchers have used. The review determined that communication is one of the most important elements for and implementation in elderly learning sessions.

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