Creolized Texts as the Part of Visual Method in Teaching English

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M.Zh. Tussupbekova, P.Zh. Balkhimbekova , S.K. Mukanova , O.L. Zagorulia


This article presents the theoretical analysis of visual information, visual method and creolized texts in English teaching. Creolized texts are the main elements of the visual method. The research is based on the book “Nuclear English” for students of non-linguistic specialties by S. Gorlin. Texts and exercises in this book are accompanied with the photos, cartoons, caricature, tables, pictures. These exercises give opportunity to create a hierarchy of multifarious types of assignments in teaching and learning English.  The aim of this research to make theoretical analysis of the visual method and determine the efficiency of using creolized texts in teaching English. The paper provides a new vision of working with the creolized texts taking into consideration visual method’s elements and characteristics.


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