Evaluation of Attributes Influencing the Inventions in the Field of Biotechnology

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Naveen Chakravarthy Sattaru, S. Jyothirmaye Reddy, Gaurav Kataria, Mihretab Tesfayohanis, Prashant Kumar, S. Karthikeyan


In recent decade, the inventions association with technologies like biotechnology and genetics has surmounted. Biotechnology in an advanced upfront technologies that enables the investors to focus on brining sustainable development in the country. However, the factors like capital, resources and work force is a powerful factors that provides an influential candidate in country’s economy. The innovations in biotechnology creates rapid wealth in the society via wide variety of applications. In this study, innovations in biotechnology is regarded as a serious factor that gets influenced by various other factors like government policies, research development polices and collaborative policies with corporates. The study reports the data collected from various respondents of biotechnology firms in India. Based on which, the hypothesis are framed and tested. The research shown significant impact of all the related factors with innovations activities and the implications are provided to advance the flaws associated with innovations

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