Common Portal for Competitive Examinations

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Polureddy Mrudula Lakshmi, Sri Paniganti Durga Bhavani, Vankasambram Anjani Devi


Background: The project work entitled as Common Portal for Competitive Examination, basically, the main objective of this project is to create a common portal for the competitive exams with complete process starting from registration process till hall ticket downloading. Since, people search in various sites to know the requirements, application process, and details of the exam. In order to save the time of the candidates this site is to be created. Also, it helps the candidate with materials to make the exams easier with some practices. This study covers the vast idea of how the candidate can register and know the details of the exams with the help of common portal for competitive exams, which can be done through the concept web development. This will help the user not to depend upon multiple portals for multiple type of examination. This System provides an online interface to the user where they can fill in their personal details and do register for the exams.

Objectives: In this common portal for competitive examination project, we are going to create single portal for all the examinations where user can register for any number of exams based on his/her interest. It also provides materials for registered candidates.

Conclusions: Thus, the study on Web Development helped to gain knowledge on both the theory and practical part. Each and every concept were clear and it has brought some interest for further learning. As stated earlier, the actual process for the competitive exam takes a lot of time and lack of information, which makes people exhausted. In order to avoid facing those circumstances, the Common Portal for Competitive Examinations concept is brought here which is a great advantage.

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