Health Monitoring System Using IoT Sensors

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Silpa C, Dr. S Srinivasa Chakravarthi, Jagadeesh kumar G, Dr. K.K. Baseer, E. Sandhya


In today’s world, healthcare has become extremely important because of the spread of novel corona virus.  Health issues not only affect the quality of life of a person but also influences the country’s economy. The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a new revolution in the Internet as a fast-growing research topic, especially in the health field. With the help of Internet of things various resources can be connected to improve the quality of life. The proposed system presents a Healthcare monitoring system that is embedded with sensors, the system monitors the vital signs of a person. The data is acquired with the help of sensors and sent to Arduino that is the microcontroller which will process and analyze the data. This analyzed data is stored on cloud for future reference. This data will be used to know the condition of the patient. And it will alert the patient’s relatives and doctors in crunch situation with a text message to the mobile phone

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