Survey on Various Cloud Security Approaches

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K.V.Daya Sagar, PSG Aruna Sri, Chinta Venkata Murali Krishna, Dr. BALA BRAHMMESWARA, Sridevi Sakhamuri


Cloud computing plays a significant role in effective data handling based on the increase in data usage in various real-time applications. Data auditing is performed on certain files and the authenticator with deduplication. It addresses the problem of key management to deduce the file content based on the malicious activities performed on the cloud. So, based on effective auditing of the integrity of the data and authenticator, the data is checked properly and minimizes the overhead of cloud storage overhead. In this work, the cloud audit and authenticator approach is proposed based on a certain file system, which makes the malicious user get authenticate the data auditing verification as the existing algorithm has low security based on entropy. They propose a data auditing approach that integrates with file management and the authenticator of data deduplication. The proposed approach performs the authenticator process and new form of file tag, which helps guarantee effective security based on the random generation of message key. The proposed approach achieves minimum computational overhead based on the authenticator and data block generation in the performance analysis. Then the security verification is performed on various attacks, such as brute force attack, a man-in-the-middle attack, etc., to check whether the approach is safe or unsafe against the attacks.

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