Transforming Healthcare through Sentiment Analysis: Tool for Patient Satisfaction

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Rupa Paul, Abhijit Pandit, Ramakant Bhardwaj


In today's competitive healthcare industry, hospitals, physician procedures, and health systems focus on improving patient satisfaction. Healthcare facilities that provide comfort, functionality, and access to modern clients who are expected to be emerging leaders in their areas and improve their foundation.

Objective: Today's consumers have many options when it comes to choosing health services. Therefore, health care facilities must play a role in attracting and retaining patients. One way they can do this is by analyzing the patient's sentiment analysis. In this study we would focus on the analysis conducted through online report available of different private hospitals based on the facilities provided by the hospitals and the level of satisfaction received by patients.

Methods: Sentiment Analysis will be performed through a software called Monkey learn to get the reviews of patients based on the level of satisfaction after admission in hospital.

Conclusion : Patients’ responses regarding the problem faced during hospital visit for admission, Problem faced regarding service from doctor, casual and unpleasant attitudes of staffs, hospital service received was not up to the mark, hospital facility was expensive according to few patients, operation of patients did not occur in a proper time as informed to the patient relative the doctors and nurses’ treatment were not satisfactory to few patients, the rude behaviour of the staffs, the unsupportive nature of the doctors, the unorganised and unsystematic way of handling the patients, and unsafe environment with poor infrastructure in few of the hospitals lead to negative feedback from the patients through sentiment analysis which is received by online platform.

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