Development of Mobile Application for Arabic Sign Language based on Android Studio Software

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Noor Azlan Noor Azhar, Shaharil Mad Saad, Muhamad Zulhairi Mohd Nizam, Muhamad Zulhelmi Mohd Nizam, Wan Aliff Abdul Saad, Muhammad Danial, Mohd Azwarie Mat Dzahir


Sign language is the main form of communication used by deaf people. Their daily activities such as speaking, learning and reading are generally involved in sign languages. Arabic sign language is usually being used for deaf people to read the ayat Al-Quran. It is become hard for them as the traditional method required a teacher that mastered in Arabic Sign Language (ArSL) in order to teach deaf people in learning Al-Quran. Currently, assistive technology for deaf people is considered to be relatively new and underdeveloped unlike visually impaired persons who have electronic braille to aid them in the process of learning and teaching Al-Quran. This project focuses on image-based devices since this project of developing applications involves mobile phone cameras that are specialized for image recognition. The trained dataset obtained for this project is obtained from a published journal and it is sufficient for training. The test dataset is gathered from training data that has been used for developing the model as well as through the experimental setup. An application is created by using Android Studio specialized to implement this model for classification of hand gesture image. The accuracy to predict the hand gesture is observed in order to indicate the model performance.

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